Double Podcasts!

I have two new Podcast’s out! One is where I have been the past few months and the other chronicles our adoption journey. You can find them here or in iTunes.

Slow Down Year!

  The year is moving so fast! We are already into February!  We have had such a mild winter this year and currently have no snow on the ground and temps in the 40’s. I have been struggling this year already and I hope that the rest of the year isn’t going to be like […]


  As Thyroid Awareness Month comes to a close, I think about what Hypothyroidism means to me. It seems unreal that almost 7 years has passed since I got diagnosed. I have made a pact (not a resolution) with myself that this year will be different for me. I had a realization in October 2011 […]

Holy Smokes!

  I know I know! It has been forever since I posted anything! I hope to post more in 2012 – but I probably said that last year as well. I have been a bit shy on the podcasting too. I hope to do one soon! To give you a brief update – things are […]

You are simply Glowing!

My podcast on RAI is now up! Hubby has shown me how to do this now so in the future I can do it all by myself. I am so growing up! ;-) Movie Monday quote is “Tina come get some ham!” I absolutely love this movie! I repeat watch it it is that good! […]

Cabin Fever

Well. I I am sick of all this snow. It can melt any day now! I apologize for not posting in awhile. I have taken to hibernating because when you get this much snow you can’t help but not. I.want.out. I want out to enjoy the sun and lower my Vitamin D intake. I […]