Fall is here ugh

It’s officially getting cold now. I have added more vitamin D to my regime of vitamins. I went on a road trip a few days ago for my administrative group. I stayed at a resort in Alexandria MN and it was beautiful! Here are some photos from the stay…


  Last week I attended an IAAP Division meeting and the restaurant at the hotel served these lovely popovers. I don’t ever remember having one ever. It was delicious! It was served with a warm cinnamon butter. I am going to try to make these one day. I can’t wait for hubby to try them.

Sitting in the Sun..

I get very jealous of my cats some days. They get to sit in the sun all day and not have any worries about anything. The sun’s rays warm them up as they take cat naps all day. I tired to reason with them to get jobs, but all they so is turnĀ  around and […]