You are simply Glowing!

My podcast on RAI is now up! Hubby has shown me how to do this now so in the future I can do it all by myself. I am so growing up! ;-)

Movie Monday quote is “Tina come get some ham!” I absolutely love this movie! I repeat watch it it is that good!

Feels good to finally get this podcast out.

Oh I forgot – hubby was sawing wood. NO not sleeping. He was sawing wood in the garage during the podcast. Well, composite wood to be exact. He was rebuilding our deck. Sorry for the noise!

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  1. It is horrible to be hypo/hyper/hypo again. Within the span of 2 years I lost 70 lbs and then gained back 70+ lbs. not to mention all the crazy symptoms that go with it. I was actually called bipolar at one point!! I had RAI treatment 6 months before my thyroidectomy.
    Reseach the initial effects of the treatment and what to do to protect your family after treatment.

    Great topic. Thanks!!!

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