Howdy Partner!

Here is Babee being over protective on her water bowl.

Why’s there a golf ball you ask? It helps them not to eat so fast. They have to push around the golf ball to get at their food which helps keep them from overeating. Wish I can stick a golf ball in my food.  Speaking of food. I have decided to get back on this bandwagon that I seem to kinda fall off of every now and then. I have been doing ok in food recording – but not so much in the types of food I eat. Time to change. Starting tomorrow I will blog almost everyday regarding my workouts and food items. Don’t worry the blogs won’t be boring! I promise!

I have been very busy with glasses for the IAAP CAP exam in early November. I have had a full social calendar and I am done talking to people! LOL! I am looking forward to a “me” filled week with workouts, reading and fake test taking. I am working on having all the laundry washed, dried and put away so that I can focus on those things listed above all week. I hope by Friday I can have a good report.

My new meds seem to be working swimmingly! I have had no problems as a result of dropping them down. I feel better, more awake and more energized! Finally feeling a little normal. This week I am planning on concentrating on taking my vitamins. I have them organized for the week in a weekly planner. Nothing like feeling OLD! I have them separated into 3 daily doses and have reminded myself to have them with a little fat. My hubby is upstairs right now mixing Guacamole for the week. I never liked it before but when my SIL made it one time it was delish! I now have her recipe and plan on making a small batch weekly. I have grilled chicken, mixed veggies for lunch and a Shakeology protein shake for breakfast. It will be my first time trying that too!

Well, I just wanted to touch base and I will be posting a little bit more this week with my weight loss efforts. I plan on kicking my own butt!!

See you soon!

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