Book review

I received a free copy of Hypothyroidism, Health and Happiness from Dr. Hotze to read. It took me forever to read it! Not because of the book content – just couldn’t find time to sit down and read!

That being said, I enjoyed the book. The old thyroid photos in the beginning of the book were fascinating. The stories by fellow thyroid patients were wonderful to read and assisted me in feeling very much part of a collective group.

The book was so easy to read and understand. It was written in a way that even people with thyroid brain could figure out. He explains symptoms, diagnoses, fibromyalgia and what he would do for patients in his own practice. I think this book is perfect for anyone newly diagnosed as having a thyroid disorder. I wish I would have had such a well written book when I was first diagnosed. It would have eased my fears that I wasn’t crazy or just depressed.

I plan on rereading it over the summer.



Almost a year ago our cat Snowy went through RAI treatment. Recently she has been having a real aversion to cold, can’t seem to eat all her food even when extremely hungry, problems going to the bathroom and yelling at all hours in the evening. I kid you not – it’s like having a small child in the house. Hubby and I are grumpy from being up at all hours in the night to take care of her. Snowy has taken to being cuddled – before I left work I had to cuddle her for 10 minutes before she was calm enough to be put down in her bed.

When I can home tonight this is what I found —


Hubby had taken a heating blanket and placed it in a corner for her. In all fairness, it was her blanket anyway. She assumed it was hers after I left it on the floor one night. He just cleaned it up, straightened it out and … Turned it on. SHE is happier than a pig in !?!?. She has not left that spot since I have been home. Not to mention the amount of purring coming from that corner of the bedroom.

I think it’s going to be a quiet night! :-)

Here is another warm spot snowy likes to sit…


I plan on making an appointment for her as I believe her thyroid nodule has come back.

Sad momma.

Fall is here ugh

It’s officially getting cold now. I have added more vitamin D to my regime of vitamins. I went on a road trip a few days ago for my administrative group. I stayed at a resort in Alexandria MN and it was beautiful!

Here are some photos from the stay…








I just finished week 3 of the couch to 5K program. Hubby actually walked with me today as I went through it. I do like running but it’s tough sometimes with all the aches and pains associated with thyroid disease. Have any of you tired it?

I am hoping to be able to run beside hubby soon.

The diet is going swimmingly and I hope to have an updated podcast as soon as possible – maybe Wed or Thursday. I am hoping to post more about it here as well. Maybe I will do all the items I eat for one week so you can see what’s like.

I enjoy it more than any other thing I have tried mainly because I see results! Not only that, they came quickly as well. Within the first 2 weeks I had seen the scale drop! And I know what that means to all of you out there- there is hope on this meal plan!

Till next time!



Movie Monday

“You had me at hello.'”

Noming all the Noms

Does that not look delish? That is what I had for dinner tonight. Hubby spent a lot of time creating Enchiladas for dinner tonight. I know you are saying – but she can’t have corn or flour – how did he make those delicious looking things?

The chicken is wrapped in… wait for it… wait for it… EGGS! I was all nom nom nom! We had it for dinner, but it was unanimous we could have eaten it for breakfast. Which, I will do, but tomorrow. One bad drawback though is they take a long time to prepare and cook. So, I didn’t eat until around 8:00 tonight. Next time we make them it may be easier as we know all the steps now. Sometimes it’s prep work that takes all the time!

I am still fluctuating at around a 15 pound weight loss. I would like to be down 20 lbs total by mid October. I am adding in workouts still – but probably need to ramp it up.